Monday, September 26, 2011

What is a Blower Door?

Nowadays, making a new home entails a lot of planning and careful execution. Now, there are experts who tell you if your house is energy friendly and human friendly or not. Homes and edifices are frequently checked if it meets the requirements set by the board.

Before, constructing houses simply needed architects, carpenters and builders. Now, energy auditors connected with a certain institute will come to a house to assess the building. These auditors assess the safety and level of livability of one's residence.

Guidelines for energy conservation can be had by contacting the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using the Energy Star Program will greatly enhance the effective use of energy in one's home. This system is now being employed by concerned bureaus.

It is their task to follow up on auditing of homes for its energy efficiency. They will be able to tell homeowners whether certain adjustments have to be made to the residential structure for utmost comfort and energy usage. The most common tools when checking home performance are a duct blaster, thermographic camera, combustion analyzer, insulation blower and blower door.

A blower door may be used in conducting different kinds of testing. Clear Agent Retention tests, potency against air and water leakages are some of its uses. Here is the step by step system.

First, it is attached on the door while the motor fan brings in air current inside. Air will be forced through cracks if enough pressure has been generated by the blower door. The tighter the building, the less air gets into the building and less air is needed to build pressure within the enclosed area.

For the tests to yield actual useful results and recommendations be made, it is necessary to locate leakage areas. Varying degrees of air compression will have to be made to confirm a leak in the building. Calculation methods are then employed to calculate leakage areas.

Conservation Strategies is a trusted maker of blower doors. It's called the Minneapolis Blower Door. It is a product big on performance.

Not only do they make pro-energy equipments they also offer energy auditing to clients. One brand, the Minneapolis Blower door has pre set settings that allows for maximum its performance. It is a good example of an effective blower door that may be used in several forms of structural testing.

We can always decorate and renovate our house whenever we want to. We can also use an insulation blower as long as we know how to use it perfectly well.